The daily Rituals of a Yogi who quit her corporate job

6:30 My Lumie alarm starts to rise the sunlight in my room. As you would waking up from a Savasana, I slowly wiggle my fingers and toes and check in on myself mentally. Ya'know reflect on my sleep/dreams,  see how I feel, but most importantly just accept whatever that is... neither good nor bad, just is! I'll stretch in bed, maybe take some reclined twists and then get out from under the duvet for some deep belly breaths in Childs pose. 6:45 Sticking on Spotify's 'Wake up gently’ playlist or my own; TAPAH RELAX , I take a few standing stretches and practice a Shatkarma cleansing technique known as Nauli . This is all before I have put even sip of water into my body. The exercise is known to

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