Be Curious. Meditate. And find an even better you.

Some might assume meditation is practised by weirdos or hippies but how can you pass judgement on something you've never experienced? I first tried meditation in 2015 to try and battle a wave of anxiety at the time and it helped me realise I am not my thoughts which sounds so simple but really hit home for me. It made me grateful everyday and gave me that little self love and belief I needed that everyone should give for themselves to make each day more fulfilling. I got into a good routine before I moved to India for 5 months in 2016 using a great app called Head space every lunch break sat in my car for 15 minutes. It was easy to follow as a beginner and guided so all I had to do was sit ,

What the OM?!

So what is the science behind Oming in Yoga... Some of you know and some of us might not. This powerful little symbol floats around us everywhere so let's understand it ☝🏼 Firstly there is nothing religious about it! Om is a vibration that is traditionally chanted at the beginning and end of yoga. The sound is actually made up of three syllables A-U-M. That very sound or vibration matches the natural vibration of the earth and vibrates at the same frequency found in all things throughout nature.And this very sound can help connect and ground us respectably to the universe we live in! The rhythmic vibrations have this calming effect on our bodies and the nervous system similar to meditatio

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