bring the zen to your workforce

Did you know 12.8 million working days where lost in 2019  in Britain due to work related stress, depression and anxiety - Costing the countries employers as much as 3 billion a year! And that's not the only damage it has caused - read here


In short this makes Tapah Wellbeing feel very sad. But that's why we were created... to help bring more zen to your workforce and improve overall wellbeing by teaching and sharing some amazing tools and techniques through classes, workshops and coaching.

Services available:

  • Yoga - stretch and tone through a sequence of slow movements to help you relax and switch off to TAPAH's signature relax playlists

  • Meditation - learn the techniques to switch off and relax through a guided meditation

  • Breath work - scientifically proven to bring a sense of calm and clarity! Learn the different breathing techniques and their benefits to help fight stress and anxiety

  • Workshops and Coaching - establish and work towards goals whilst learning to eliminate limiting beliefs 

  • Employee surveying -  really understand what cultivates the values they live by and be able to offer a wellbeing programme that's heart felt and meaningful 

  • Wellbeing experiences - employee wellbeing away-days tailored to your workforce made up of mindful activities, healthy and wholesome food in the enchanted woodland of west Sussex.


There is so much more Tapah has to share with you on all of the exciting and tailorable services available so please get in touch to arrange a herbal tea (uhem ... or coffee)

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