Anxiety and Depression - Curing the deeper cause

Taking drugs to treat depression is like putting on a coat when it rains, it doesn't mean you've stopped the rain, it just means that you temporarily don't get soaked.

If you are depressed or anxious, You are NOT crazy, You are NOT weak, you're not, in the main, a machine with broken parts. You are simply a human being with unmet needs and medication is not going to fix that.

What is often prescribed by your doctor is a temporary fix, created from the knowledge of our biological makeup, but the cause of your unhappiness manifests much, much deeper than that.

The World Health Organisation is now supporting the fact that they should talk less about chemical imbalances and more about imbalances in the way we live! What is now being talked about is something called - Social Prescribing.

What brings us back to happiness is UNITY, to eliminate loneliness, and to be part of a tribe again. Be it a charity, a membership, or achieving something with someone or a group of people, like our ancestors would have. They never suffered like we did because they supported each other. Ask for help and stop going at everything alone because you feel you have to. In the same breath, if you need to take time to heal alone, shut the poison out and that may well mean cutting some people out of your life. You are NOT selfish in doing so, you just have not found your tribe yet. There are some great ways to meet new people, reach out in facebook groups, use

This is called Social Prescribing

Your depression is a signal and with the right help, you can fix these problems. Stop insulting these signals by labelling them as biological chemical imbalances, weakness and/or craziness. It's time to see the deeper, nourishing, more simple solutions...

SCRAP junk values around status and money! This will not meet your psychological needs; like junk food does not meet our nutritional needs.

Thank yourself for taking the time to read this but don't stop here. Even if anxiety and depression is not something that directly impacts your life, it is someone you care about or know. To support them you need to understand how you can help, so please take 30 more minutes to watch the below video and try the written exercise.



Grab a cup of tea and watch this Ted talk from Johann Hari. - Swiss-Scottish writer and journalist. Hari has written for publications including The Independent and The Huffington Post and has written books on the topics of depression, the war on drugs, and the monarchy. He has also given TED talks on the topics of addiction, and depression and anxiety


Think about a moment in your life when you have felt a meaningful purpose?

Write it down. If that felt nourishing continue and think about and list at least 3 memories you have of feeling balanced, happy, and content involving either places or people/ NOT materials such as money or materialistic achievements.

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