Be Curious. Meditate. And find an even better you.

Some might assume meditation is practised by weirdos or hippies but how can you pass judgement on something you've never experienced?

I first tried meditation in 2015 to try and battle a wave of anxiety at the time and it helped me realise I am not my thoughts which sounds so simple but really hit home for me.

It made me grateful everyday and gave me that little self love and belief I needed that everyone should give for themselves to make each day more fulfilling.

I got into a good routine before I moved to India for 5 months in 2016 using a great app called Head space every lunch break sat in my car for 15 minutes. It was easy to follow as a beginner and guided so all I had to do was sit , listen and follow.

It's all well and done though as habits easily get in the way and other tasks we believe should take priority do!....which happened to me and I didn't keep it up! What comes before mental health? A lot apparently . Isn't that bad....

I have come along way since following my passion to help others. I have read so many books, studied hard, travelled, trained and tried some pretty weird and wonderful meditation practices and become a teacher!

Now I'd be lying if I told you I meditated everyday, I work full time as a free lancer, teach yoga, do yoga, have friends and family to see and errands to run daily (BIG UP the mums & dads with tiny humans to add to that) but I do make sure I give at least 10 minutes every other day in total silence and practice mindfulness every waking moment that I can.

I watch my breath, watch my mind, observe my actions and have words with myself when I need too. No one is perfect but are we always aware of the way we have reacted and acted?

I can say my mind is clearer, I make decisions mindfully and with confidence , I have so much more balance in myself , laugh and smile more and I ENJOY everyday living.

I still study and reflect all the time allowing me to share new ways to bring the practice of meditation into my yoga classes and make meditation workshops more dynamic and accessible. Only true Buddhas can sit cross legged for an hour in total silence without the body and mind demanding attention and listing every excuse as to why you should fidget... I mean C'mon!

So If you'd like to understand meditation/ mindfulness more, explore your curiosity's and learn from someone who hasn't lived in a cave ;) I'd recommend a book written by Russell Simmons (Run DMC) and it's called Success Through Stillness. Highly recommended !

Meditation is a powerful tool and if you want to understand it more this book is a really nice way to introduce yourself to it. I'd recommend listening by audio so you can really feel his enthusiasm, passion and humour which life isn't the same without.

If you would like to practice with me , get some tips and techniques TAPAH offers various services and I can guide you in the right direction 🙏🏼

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