If your mental health is important to you READ THIS 🙏🏼

Here is a picture of me (Charlotte) this year which reflects how I felt for ‘most’ of it, featuring some darker and harder times. But, reminds me how lucky I really am. By why?…. Read on…

This year I have partnered with more companies and worked with more people than I ever imagined. And this was possible through my passion and purpose to help people become the best versions of themselves which inspired me to create Tapah Wellbeing .

Alongside this, I continued to work part time for the wonderful William Reed and now G2 in training and in-house recruitment. Two areas I know well and have worked in for many years. Why? Because in these careers I am constantly connected to people and their growth and it fills my little heart to the brim.

But, this year more than EVER I have also been exposed to so many more cases of ill mental health. I have seen people pushing themselves to the absolute limit through some extreme external hurdles just to survive and keep going. What we think is productive but is it for our health??

The pressure people have put on themselves including me has been so heavy and it’s causing burnout, extreme inner criticism, beautiful moments in life being missed and questionable self-worth.

It really hurts me to see so many people suffering in their own minds with no tools to help themselves. I truly believe everyone, no matter their level of emotional health should have a personal therapist or a coach to guide them but this costs money and employees are too stretched and in-experience in offering this emotional support.

Even as a facilitator of workshops, classes and therapies that help people manage their well-being I too experience waves of anxieties and life wobbles and have my own therapist to support me through this life. I’m not afraid to hide that and accept my vulnerabilities.

We are humans. We are emotional beings that need certain things to stay well in our minds. To feel valued, secure, balanced and connected. And the last 2 years are inevitably going to have affected us. The uncertainty has been so real and that’s enough to rock anyone.

It’s financially hard to run a business that requires my energy as the product and offers a service that is designed to support others mental wellbeing which should not require me for long if done well. It’s not always sustainable and requires constant business development which does not sit well or come easy for me.

BUT I stand here to serve this. It keeps me well knowing I am helping others and I want to do everything in my power to share the tools and techniques that teach us how to live our lives with purpose and happiness. Everyone deserves this!

You are precious, wonderful and loved even if you don’t know it.

So, If I can help support you or your community at work please reach out to me at hello@tapahwelbeing.com to set up a virtual tea and talk. It’s not a business meeting but a genuine ‘how are you’ and well-being brainstorm.

Lastly, Thank you for reading this rather long post! And thank you for supporting me and my small business this year even if it was a like to a post or an exchange of services, I am grateful for you and all that you do.

Merry Christmas and take it easy.

Charlotte xx

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