What is a Vinyasa?

When you are asked to take a Vinyasa in a yoga class often between poses or flowing sequences do you question why? Am I doing this right? How should it feel? What’s the point?

A Vinyasa allows us to keep that heart rate up! stopping the body from cooling to much. Which in effect benefits your cardiovascular health and creates more give in the muscle groups. I like to see it as moving meditation at its finest by really focusing on moving with the breath with full awareness and intention. We often rush through our vinyasa's but I suggest really challenging yourself to slow them down and feel how the body can move so intuitively with the breath and how it creates space and strength.

Inspired by this way of moving between poses the Vinyasa class was created which you see more and more studios offering on their timetables now. There are so many different types of yoga you can dip your toes into and a Vinyasa class  is certainly a go to for those who like to get that heart rate up! There is a common myth that yoga doesn’t get you fit which is usually from those who like to train HARD! But as long as that heart rates up it doesn’t matter how slow your moving.. you are working.

But let’s not forget and respect yoga’s routes. This beautiful practice created in the East almost 5000 years ago is a ‘work in’ as much as a ‘work out’ and this mindful movement with the breath will really allow you to connect mind and body on a deeper level which I like to call the journey to ones true Dharmic self. Something the western world really needs to work on if we want to stay connected and compassionate.

P.S I appreciate how EXTRA and queen like my camping set up is but I had time to make a castle OK. ;)

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