What the OM?!

So what is the science behind Oming in Yoga...

Some of you know and some of us might not. This powerful little symbol floats around us everywhere so let's understand it ☝🏼 Firstly there is nothing religious about it! Om is a vibration that is traditionally chanted at the beginning and end of yoga. The sound is actually made up of three syllables A-U-M. That very sound or vibration matches the natural vibration of the earth and vibrates at the same frequency found in all things throughout nature.And this very sound can help connect and ground us respectably to the universe we live in! The rhythmic vibrations have this calming effect on our bodies and the nervous system similar to meditation. It lowers blood pressure, fights anxiety, increases the health of our hearts and connects us deeper to our yoga practice and life purpose. So be mindful of OM next time you experience it in a yoga class or even start your day from your bed in your PJs with 3 chants. Sometimes we in the west we have a habit of judging something we don't understand but these yogis from the east know their stuff! Let's respect it and practice it. 🙏🏼 Here is a great little article which dives a little deeper and breaks down how to do the chant:


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