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Your simple 2021 Wellbeing Guide

Make 2021 the year of YOU! And that doesn’t make you selfish, because if you are doing it right then everyone else is going to experience the best version of yourself.

When we feel healthy in body and mind we feel empowered. When we feel empowered we feel in control. When we feel in control, we feel content. And when we feel content, we feel pure happiness! And happiness is extremely contagious.

So, consider the below suggestions as part your weekly routine amongst any other training or fitness you do to stay focussed and for the most transformative year yet!

B O D Y 2x Weekly 45 minute virtual yoga classes!

Yoga isn't just a workout for the body but a workout for the mind. This ancient practice hasn't been practised for years and years for nothing! The proven results have been undeniably amazing for anyone who consistently practices. Tapah Wellbeing offers a transformative and popular Lower and Upper body weekly yoga course to compliment everything else you doing or perhaps not! This is all you need to give your body the opening and supporting strength it needs and a great way to introduce yourself to yoga without scaring yourself off with a 90-minute flying vinyasa class!

(Scroll to the bottom for the timetable) If you are interested in hanging out with the Tapah community and joining these classes you can book in here. We would absolutely love to have you!


Have you thought about trying meditation this year and fixing that into your routine? The results can be life-changing!

Learning how to take control and quieten your mind takes practice like training your body to become leaner and fitter like going to the gym. This ancient and powerful practice can help you focus, find clarity, make clear and transformative decisions as well as improve your compassion and cultivate love and kindness through actions, forming a well rounded day to day way of living.

Join Tapah's free L I V E M E D I T A T I O N Every Monday 9pm on Insta live @tapahwellbeing

  • Learn what meditation is.

  • Try a different style each week.

  • Discover your zen.


Life Coaching has been the in-thing in America for years and for good reasons. Have you thought about how you only have your own mind to turn too for motivation and inspiration? Do you know how hard that can be if we have never taken in any time to work on self-development? It's a skill only the Buddhists have mastered and voicing what is in your mind can help you process more clearly where you are heading!

Having a life coach may seem like a luxury as it, of course, comes with a price tag but if you consider the transformation and ease it can bring to your life then it's not something we can question.

This does not go to say you need to pay and have a personal life coach. You can instead with motivation and strength start putting time aside to work on yourself through other means as simple as keeping a diary to start recognising behaviours and patterns to work on.

Or, you may feel like coaching is going to really help you give that mindful kick to get this year off to the BEST possible start and receive some guidance as to how you reach your goals more quickly!

Mindful Coaching with Charlotte

Could include any or all of the below:

  • Tailored 1:1 yoga for fitness / Injury/ suppleness / anxiety

  • A running buddy

  • 1:1 Guided Meditation

  • 1:1 Guided Mindfulness

  • A simple and achievable programme

  • Access to all Tapah yoga & mindfulness Classes

  • Life coaching


The most important part! And here are some tips and inspiration from Charlotte to help with that:

  • Plan your week ahead!

Every Sunday I spend some time planning my fitness and wellbeing regime into my week. I use a google calendar and colour code activities. categories include fitness, wellbeing, me time, work, lunch breaks and social time. This may sound extreme to some, but as a freelancer, it’s fundamental I add structure to my days.

*Here is my actual proof of my organisational obsession (a healthy obsession of course) ;)

  • Accept that not every Work-out, Yoga session, Meditation will feel easy!

The moment we accept we have bad and good days makes those bad days that tiny bit easier. DO NOT give up! The more challenging times you push through the stronger you become and the better the results. YOU GOT THIS!

  • Keep a diary and track your performance!

This will help you get to know YOU and the way you perform best and in return know the best way to keep yourself on track. Being able to look back and recognise patterns is gold dust in the self-development land.

And it’s as simple as that! Enjoy the year of YOU!

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