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"I work in a fast paced corporate job and often find it difficult to justify taking time out to concentrate on myself, however from the very early stages of my journey with Charlotte during onsite yoga at work, I was able to recognise the benefits. 

I have not only noticed a difference in my flexibility, strength and fitness, I have felt a dramatic change in myself. Charlotte’s classes encourage mindfulness and for me are a time to regroup my thoughts, which in turn allows me to prioritise more effectively and therefore use my time more wisely, I am calmer, clearer and have a greater confidence to conquer the crazy hectic life I lead. 

Charlotte has taught me in a group environment, privately and at corporate events, all of which never failed to disappoint – Charlotte is a true talent and I would 100% recommend her classes."

– Natalie πŸ“ Crawley, West Sussex, UK

"Whilst recovering from major back surgery I was advised yoga could help me so I had a few one on one classes with Charlotte. What can I say? I was blown away with Charlotte's work ethic, she clearly believes in what she does and wants to use her talent to help people. As someone who has never experienced yoga before I was very happy with how comfortable I was made to feel and how any concerns I had were always listened to. I enjoyed my classes so much that since my recovery I have started attending group classes to continue my wellbeing journey! Charlotte is very articulate and always super professional but is also incredibly warm and welcoming, her classes are always fun and full of laughter. I cannot recommend Charlotte enough!”

– Tom πŸ“ Copthorne, Sussex UK

"I really enjoy Charlotte's classes. She creates such a relaxing space and caters seamlessly to an array of levels, from beginners to other Yoga teachers. Her guided relaxations are so peaceful. If you are interested in mindfulness then I would really recommend her classes. She is great at bringing you into the present moment away from all the noise of your busy mind. I always look forward to her classes."

– Katie πŸ“ Brighton, UK

"Great classes. It's opened my eyes to Yoga. Charlotte certainly knows her stuff & with her fantastic delivery technique brings the most novis of students such as me well into the fold of looking after your body & mind. Keep it up & if anyone's not sure, just go for it. It can only do you good. However bendy you are, or not. It doesn't matter everyone's made to feel as capable whether it's your first time or your thousandth"

– Paul πŸ“ Haywards Heath, Sussex, UK

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