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50% off all private coaching in


Any sessions booked and paid for in June are just £32.50 rather than £65.

- Yoga PT (improve injuries, increase flexibility, weight loss)

- Mindfulness Coaching

- Meditation for Anxiety

-Meditation and Yoga for better sleep

*Mindfulness and Meditation coaching*

Do you find it hard finding balance in your life? Anxiety? Stress? The simple task of deciding what to have for dinner give you mind fog?

You could probably do with a few tools to help with that...


Do you want to start yoga or deepen your current practice? Be able to do it at home , get the alignment of each pose on point to gain all the benefits from it and not just one? Is there a certain area you want to focus more on? Build strength, increase flexibility, certain body parts or perhaps work on the mind?

Tapah Yoga offers tailored 121 sessions in all of the above areas.


Call today to arrange your free consultation.


T&C's apply


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