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about TAPAH 

Tapah Wellbeing is mobile business in the south east of England that offers group, private & corporate Yoga and Meditation classes and workshops.

Tapah Wellbeing's aim is to help those in the modern world stay connected with who they truly are through yoga, meditation and life coaching. To find balance,  be comfortable in your own skin and learn how to control the sometimes what we might call monkey mind is very much in demand! Something Tapah understands!


The idea behind the name

What does Tapah mean? ‘Ignite the fire of Transformation’

To educate the mind & body through yoga postures, breath work, meditation, coaching and experience. Live the truth you have perceived. If you perceive the truth behind what’s good for your own mind, your body and soul there is no denying it, so who are you kidding by preaching it. It’s accepting the journey of transformation.


Director and teacher at Tapah Wellbeing, Charlotte is a lady on a mission to bring the zen to you individually and help people become the very best versions of themselves through Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga. Her corporate background and years spent studying has allowed her to create her business and teach these tools and techniques to you from a place of kindness and deep compassion in aiding you to find space in your mind for living and creativity.


"My deep passion for helping people transform their perceptions & control of mind come from my own stories and experiences.

After over 10 years in fast-paced senior corporate roles I found myself struggling to find that thing so many of us talk about and don’t feel ‘balance’. How should it feel and where could I find it?

My experience started in Recruitment for a large agency ‘booo’ I hear people say but yes it was as chaotic and pressured as you can imagine. After many years here I went and worked directly for some well-known and popular brands leading their talent acquisition, shaping recruitment strategies, employer brand, culture and wellbeing. I then later moved on to partner with founders of start-ups to help them scale whilst taking the role of leading wellbeing and a healthy workforce formation. This experience gave me such valuable exposure to the cultures and conditions of many workforces struggles which fed me such inspiration to lead me to starting Tapah Wellbeing."

Charlotte has always, since a little girl, been incredibly spiritually curious which brought her to her yoga mat during her early twenties. This was her tool at the time to help cope with her dips in mental health and the anxieties developed in her life after time in a fast-paced London career and what felt like an unbalanced lifestyle. Yoga got her off the wrong path & onto the right one & everything has blossomed ever since including her purposeful brand.

She knew her purpose was to help others do the same and so began her journey and studies in 2016. Since then she hasn’t stopped and doesn’t plan too with over 700 hours of certified training as well as assisting others on their journey to becoming teachers themselves all over the world. These trainings include:

·       200 hours Yoga - TTC Ashtanga Vinyasa- Abhinam Yoga Centre 

·       Meditation teacher training - Satyam Shivam Meditation 

·       Iyenga Alignment with Himalayan Iyenga 

·       50 Hours Asana Intensive with Himalaya Yoga Valley

·       Applied Anatomy – Dr Yogi 

·       Foundation in Life Coaching 

·       Mental Health First Aid 

·       Advance Development Teacher Training - Stretch London​

Her style of teaching and coaching is very much focused on a work-out for the mind just as much as the body. With experience in working with clients with emotional and physical trauma she focuses highly on alignment of the body and mind whilst building emotional and physical strength safely.

Charlotte has a playful approach to her teaching & coaching and approaches any challenges her clients might have with ease and positivity. She believes exploring movement in the body and our mindsets should be both fun & challenging of our comfort zones as this is where the shift in our growth happens!

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