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Tapah Yoga is mobile business in the south east of England that offers group, private & corporate Yoga and Meditation classes and workshops.

Tapah Yoga's aim is to help those in the modern world stay connected with who they truly are through yoga and meditation. To find balance,  be comfortable in your own skin and learn how to control the sometimes what we might call monkey mind is very much in demand! Something Tapah Yoga understands!

Charlotte who founded Tapah Yoga also works closely with chiropractor clients and those with past injuries to gain strength back. For some, meditation is of no interest and yoga is simply used to lose weight, tone up and build strength. Whatever your motives to practice yoga Tapah Yoga has something for you.

The idea behind the name

What does Tapah mean? ‘Ignite the fire of Transformation’

To educate the body through yoga postures, breath work, meditation and experince. Live the truth you have perceived. If you perceive the truth behind what’s good for your own mind, your body and soul there is no denying it, so who are you kidding by preaching it. It’s accepting the journey of transformation.


Charlotte has always, since a little girl, been incredibly curious about spirituality which, brought her to her yoga mat during her early twenties. She found herself in a high powered & fast-paced London career struggling with anxiety & an unbalanced lifestyle. Yoga got her off the wrong path & onto the right one & everything has blossomed ever since including Tapah Yoga!

She began teaching Yoga at the start of 2017. Yoga helped her become a higher & better version of herself as well as fit and healthy; She knew her purpose was to help others do the same. Charlotte  has spent 7 months in India in total studying; soaking up the spiritual culture and powerful Eastern knowledge. She completed her 200 hours TTC, qualifying in Ashtanga Vinyasa at Abhinam Yoga Centre in 2016 where she has since been back to assisting in training further students into becoming teachers themselves. Charlotte is also a certified Meditation teacher and completed her transformative training in the Himalayas with Satyam Shivam Meditation school. Other training included; Iyenga Alignment with Himalayan Iyenga, 50 Hours Asana Intensive with Himalaya Yoga Valley and exposure to practices in many famous schools around the world.

Her style of teaching is very much focused on a work-out for the mind just as much as the body. With experience in working with clients with injuries old and new she focusses highly on alignment of the body and building strength safley. Charlotte also likes to encourage students to turn inwards & bring awareness to their practice and feel the body. She wants you to feel as though it's just you & your mat & she is just the voice that guides you through your practice and eventually to that wonderful place of relaxation, Savasana.

Charlotte has a playful approach to her teaching and by no means a serious person. She believes exploring movement in the body should be both fun & challenging at times as challenge is good for our growth mentally and physically!